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With the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), it is important to step up disinfection measures. To safeguard and protect the health of your loved ones or people around you, we have introduced our Disinfection Service in Singapore. Other than dusting, wiping and sanitizing every possible area of contamination, you can engage our professional service to help you clean and disinfect your homes, offices and event spaces. By sanitising your premises, it helps to remove bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

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Disinfection Service in Singapore 

Our disinfection service consists of the following steps:

Vacuuming of the area
Misting with disinfectant
Wiping down of high touch areas
Final mopping of the area

Disinfection Service​ is available in the following spaces:

– Commercial Properties, 

– Offices,

– Hospitals, 

– Polyclinics, 

– Laboratories,

– Childcare, 

– Schools, and 

– Residential Premises.

Benefits of our Disinfection Cleaning Services

– Eliminates germs and bacteria completely

– Reduces the chances of sickness

– Helps to get rid of irritations, allergies, and infections

Disinfection of Premises With Transient Exposure to Confirmed Cases(s) of the COVID-19

A. General Good Practices 

  1. As the virus can survive on surfaces of different materials for at least 2 to 3 days, surfaces potentially contaminated with novel coronavirus (e.g. commonly touched surfaces, surfaces which may have been exposed to respiratory droplets such as sneezes or coughs, and floors) should be sanitised.

  2. Thoroughly clean toilets, using a different set of cleaning equipment (disposable cloths, mop, etc). Pay attention to the disinfection of frequently touched areas such as sinks, toilet bowls and seat covers.

  3. Seek medical attention if you are feeling unwell. 

B. Cleaning Instructions

  1. Before you start cleaning, put on a pair of gloves. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes during clean-up. There is no need to wear a mask if you are well.

  2. Prepare the disinfectant or bleach solution (dilute 1 part bleach in 49 parts water, 1000 ppm or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations).

  3. Keep the windows open for ventilation.

  4. Mop the floor with the prepared disinfectant or bleach solution, starting from one end of the premises to another.

  5. Soak cloths with the prepared disinfectant or bleach solution and use them to wipe all frequently touched areas (e.g. lift buttons, handles, doorknobs, armrests, seatbacks, tables, air/light controls, keyboards, switches, blinds, windows, walls, etc).

  6. Avoid using a spray pack to apply disinfectant on potentially highly contaminated areas (such as toilet bowl or surrounding surfaces) as it may create splashes which can further spread the virus.

  7. Clean toilets with a separate set of cleaning equipment (disposable cleaning cloths, mops, etc) using disinfectant or bleach solution.

    • Clean all accessible surfaces (sinks, taps, soap dispensers, toilet roll dispensers, walls, cubicle doors, cubicle locks, handles, flush buttons, etc).

    • Clean urinals and toilet bowls with a brush and use a separate cloth for seat covers. Brush and cloths used for these should not be used for other surfaces.

    • After disinfection, clean the floor with disinfectant from the exit inwards.

  8. Remove cushion covers and other fabrics for washing. Use a washing machine and detergent to wash.

  9. Repeat cleaning the floor with the prepared disinfectant or bleach solution, starting from one end of the premises to another. Avoid going from an area that has not been cleaned to an area that has been cleaned, to avoid dirtying the cleaned area.

  10. Throw away all cloths and rags used, as well as other waste from the clean-up, into double-lined plastic/trash bags.

  11. Remove gloves, wash your hands with soap and water.

  12. Throw gloves into double-lined plastic/trash bags.

  13. All waste generated from the clean-up (gloves, cloths, etc.) should be segregated from other waste (e.g. food waste), and disposed of as regular waste as soon as possible.

  14. Shower or wash up and change your clothes immediately after the clean-up.

  15. Air and ventilate the premises.

* Extracted from National Environment Agency (adapted from Ministry of Health and the Centres for Disease Control and Preventive

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